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Our Story

What is Cootie Brown's?

Cootie Brown’s is a locally owned restaurant offering an eclectic menu and fun atmosphere. The Vella family opened Cootie Brown’s in January 1999. They renovated and transformed an existing building into a restaurant that can satisfy all of your senses.

It is well known for its high quality foods that feature different parts of the country and world: Jamaica, New Orleans, California, Italy and Mexico just to name a few. Nearly all products are made by Cootie Brown’s, including our sauces, spices, desserts, veggie burgers, pestos, dressings and the list does not stop there. Cootie Brown’s offers traditional favorites as well as our Cootie Brown's signature creations! We always offer healthier options and freshly made products.

Who Is Cootie Brown?

Now, you’re probably wondering, "Who is Cootie Brown?" The answer to that question is simple. The Vellas envisioned an exciting guy that traveled the world tasting and trying many different foods, so that he could create a unique and interesting dining experience that everyone would love.

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